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Supreme Nutrition Products is a subsidiary of Mid American Marketing of Eaton OH. It was founded with the premise that there are remedies in the plant kingdom for the health problems faced by 21st century human beings. Some of our products use already common herbs for unique applications, while others use herbs that are not well known in the US but have been used for hundreds of years or more in other cultures. Most products are single herbs. In this way the product is typically better tolerated by the sensitive patient than a product with multiple ingredients. Often if many herbs are combined in one product, there isn’t enough of the one ingredient the patient needs the most to accomplish the job effectively. Also if the person taking the herb is sensitive to a specific herb in the combination product, it can often ruin the whole product for the person (this happens very often in antimicrobial products). You can see this single herb pattern exhibited in the animal kingdom when an animal is sick and starts ingesting one particular herb to get well, not a combination.

Another factor we recognize is that herbs can greatly vary in quality depending on soil conditions, climate, handling, storage etc. We do not feel a need to duplicate an already commonly existing product (goldenseal, echinacea, etc.) that is already effective (unless we find a new unique application or find a quality difference in the herb itself). We prefer to fill niches where we see the need for a more effective product for a particular health concern.

The research can take some time. For example, let us say we wanted to come out with a product that would help protect people from the harmful effects of a particular chemical that is common in our environment. The first step would be to search the medical journals to see if there is anything that already fits the bill or any herb that suggests it might (it protects against a similar substance, or is hepato-protective, etc). We gather a list of potential herbs that might have the desired effect and we try to find multiple sources of each herb (e.g. if an herb grows in both South America and Asia we will try to find samples from both sources). We make sure it has no potentially known harmful side effects, etc. After that, we utilize some well respected physicians who are well versed in applied kinesiology and have them blind test the samples on their patients and gather data. What % of their patients strengthen on testing of the herb? Does it block a positive test of the particular chemical, reflex, etc. we are looking at? Does each sample test the same or is there a difference based on where it was grown, etc? The doctors then give the product to the applicable patients to see if it yields the desired effects. If it does then we may decide to manufacture/distribute the product. This is a slow process and we do not foresee coming out with more than a few products a year. Often projects are scrapped because we cannot find an herb to do the job, or the quality is inconsistent.

Once the product is birthed each new batch of the herb that is imported is tested (applied kinesiologically as well as with a lab analysis) to make sure it tests at least as well as previous batches. As we have stated, you would be amazed at the quality difference between batches of particular herbs- even ones grown fairly near to each other. Soil contamination due to toxic metals, pesticides, etc, is common even in organic sources. Our products as a result may vary slightly in color and taste batch to batch as we seek the best quality sources. Testing each batch with our AK team is unique at this time to our company and we feel it is a critically important extra step in quality assurance beyond just the COA by the importer. At times it can be frustrating for us as we have to reject batches and scramble to find new sources that meet our standards. This is the only way we could assure our customers, who are mainly physicians, of the best quality products. If we cannot find a batch that tests well, we would rather be temporarily out of stock than produce an inferior batch.

For a short synopsis of each of our products see review the Key Indications of Supreme Nutrition Products. Or, for more details, please review the Clinical Indications of Supreme Nutrition Products, written by Dr. Michael Lebowitz D.C. For which products are contra-indicated during pregnancy and breast feeding click here.

Our clinical research staff can be reached with questions, ideas, feedback, etc at Orders can be placed through Mid American Marketing at 1-800-922-1744 for any of the products.

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