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Each capsule of BodyGuard contains 500mg of pure Phyllanthus fraternus with no added fillers, binders, excipients, etc. There are well over 50 published studies on the therapeutic effects of this herb. Before getting into the scientific and historical research, I would like to share why I feel it is such an important product.

Clinical trials with applied kinesiology suggest that Phyllanthus fraternus has a positive effect in preventing damage to the body due to excessive electro-magnetic field exposure. Recently, we do not hear nearly as much negative press about EMF’s as we used to. In my practice though, I have found that EMF’s are increasingly problematic. As they become more prevalent in our lives with cell phones, wireless connections, microwaves, computers, etc.; they have potential to produce more harm to our bodies (nervous system, endocrine system, neurotransmitters, melatonin production, etc.). When big business is involved in producing products emitting strong EMF’s, it can become harder to get objective information into the mainstream media. But if you just Google EMF’s, there are literally hundreds of articles on their deleterious effects.

I have investigated hundreds of nutritional products to find one that routinely blocks the negative effects of EMF’s on manual muscle testing and, after much research (about 2 years), was happily surprised to see that they were routinely blocked by one source of phyllanthus fraternus. We were only able to find a few suppliers and only the product from one of the importers had this effect (it is hard to know if it is quality control, soil or climatic conditions or why). When testing to see if EMF’s affect your patient just have them call someone on their cell phone and hold the phone up to their ear right at the beginning of the call (once the other person picks up) and see if it weakens a strong indicator muscle. You will see that it will in over half of the people tested if your patient population is like mine (if you are urban I wouldn’t be surprised if the percentage is much higher). In nearly all these cases if the patient is exposed to BodyGuard Supreme during the call it will block the weakening effect. BodyGuard Supeme on muscle testing also appears to be an excellent liver remedy, and in many cases decreases patients’ food and environmental sensitivities

In December 2006 I conducted a study on 40 consecutive patients. I had them put a cell phone up to their ear and make a call. Once the call was connected we tested a previously determined strong indicator muscle to see if it weakened. If it did weaken we checked to see if the weakening was blocked by phyllanthus fraternus. Whether the cell phone weakened or not, we also checked to see if phyllantus strengthened a previously determined weak muscle. Results are as follows:

Weakened on cell phone exposure: 55%

Weakening on cell phone blocked by phyllanthus :100%

Pyllanthus strengthened a weak indicator muscle: 80%

What I found fascinating is that in 72.2% of patients who didn’t weaken on cell phone exposure still strengthened on phyllanthus fraternus (86.4% of those that weakened on the cell strengthened on phyllanthus in the clear). This indicated to me the wide useage of the product even above and beyond EMF issues.

One potential usage I hadn’t anticipated is that clinically it appears to help people tolerate EFA’s who seem to have low tolerance for taking EFA’s due to sluggish or congested livers. If EFA’s do not strengthen on muscle testing, the right ones often do in combination with phyllanthus.

Over the years I have seen many “gadgets” sold to block EMF’s by “changing their patterns into less harmful ones, etc”. These can include plug in items for a room or something you wear around your neck. Some of these will temporarily have positive muscle testing effects but I have found that after a week or two the patient just gets sensitive to “the new changed field” and on blinded applied kinesiology studies, they no longer work. With BodyGuard Supreme- it is an ingested herb that appears to strengthen the body to make it more resistant to the effects of EMF’s. At this point in time we do not know the mechanism but the applied kinesiology results are very impressive.

Another very impressive property of BodyGuard is that in people that didn’t weaken on EMF’s with muscle testing, it still strengthened the majority of them because of its many other properties. As a result we recommend it to most of our patients and feel it protects them in many ways.

BodyGuard appears to be an excellent liver detoxifier (phase 1). We now routinely test patients on caffeine, theobromine and theophylline for either weakening of a strong muscle or making a normal muscle hypertonic. About 50% of my patients have a positive test which is suggestive of an inability to degrade the positive substance (theobromine tests positive the most frequently and is in tea, chocolate and cola and is a breakdown product of caffeine). This may also suggest a less than optimal phase one liver detoxification ability in the patient. On AK testing both, Body Guard Supreme and Basic B Complex (not quite to the same extent) test to help remedy that finding. We also have the patient avoid caffeinated beverages and tea, chocolate, cola and yerba mate until the finding is negative. People who won’t give up these substances could benefit by taking Body Guard on a maintenance level.

Traditionally in the tropics, phyllanthus fraternus has been used in treatment of gall and kidney stones, malaria, diabetes, acute and chronic pain, infections, cystitis, prostatitis, tumors, and the list goes on and on.

In research over the years it has shown to be liver protective against different environmental chemicals, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, antilithic, lowers blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Studies at a medical school in Brazil showed that it promoted the elimination of kidney stones and it is sold today in pharmacies throughout that country for that purpose. It also helped block the formation of calcium oxalate crystals, thus it can possibly be used as a preventative to stone formation.

Studies on animals in India suggested it could be used to increase bile secretion and lower blood cholesterol levels.

It also has diuretic properties and studies in India showed it can thus decrease systolic blood pressure. Other studies suggested it could not only lower blood sugar but help prevent diabetic neuropathy.

Mice studies showed it can help reduce damage during chemotherapy and radiation and it increased the life span of mice with liver cancer by 65%.

Some studies suggest it is very useful as an anti-viral especially against hepatitis B (possibly A and C) and HIV.

Dosage: For my patients I have recommended one cap 3x/day if they weaken on EMF’s and one cap 1-2x/day once they stop weakening as a possible preventative. Traditional pharmacies in South America recommend as high as 4-6 caps twice daily when treating kidney stones (I have never done this and it shouldn’t be done in lieu of other treatment). If it blocks chemicals or metals on AK testing or just strengthens “in the clear”, I tend to prescribe 1 cap 3x/day or 2 caps twice daily. My son who grew up in clean rural environments and now lives in Phoenix routinely tests for it and needs 3-4 caps daily.

As with any herb I would recheck the need for it on the patient every few weeks and have them report any side effects (I couldn’t find any in the literature) ASAP and stop taking it if side effects occur- until you can re-evaluate them.

Contra-indications: To be safe I would not prescribe it during pregnancy as with most other herbs. Because it can lower blood pressure and blood sugar: patients on anti-hypertensive drugs (also beta-blockers and other heart medications) or blood sugar lowering drugs may need careful monitoring or adjusting of the doses of their medications or you may not want to prescribe BodyGuard in these patients. It may also be contra-indicated in severely hypo-glycemic patients.

For a much more detailed summary of the effects of this wonderful herb you can buy The Healing Power of Rainforest Herbs by Leslie Taylor available at or through your local bookstore (it is also known as Phyllanthus niruri in the book and some published literature).

None of these statements have been FDA evaluated and none of the information here-in should be used to diagnose, prescribe or replace traditional medical care.