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I have been taking BodyGuard Supreme for about 6 weeks. Previous to taking it I would often react to taking vitamin and mineral and fatty acid supplements. They would often cause headaches and sore throats. I was also "allergic" to many foods- especially wheat and dairy and they too would cause migraines and sore throats if I ate them. I can now take vitamins regularly and eat wheat and dairy regularly without reacting to them. Body Guard has decreased my hypersensitivities by about 80%

Marlene Smith


During a long period of time I have shown intolerance against all kinds of fatty acids, both with AK and also when/after eating them. When eating oils, my stomach got upset and sometimes an ache occurred just over the liver area, sometimes in all the GI tract. I am very restricted when it comes to eating fish, due to its toxicity. Over time I started to show classic symptoms of lack of fatty acids. When I tested BodyGuard Supreme, it tested very well with AK, so I decided to take it. About a week or so after that, I tested good with fatty acids (Super EPA from Thorne Research) for the first time in months and it also works fine when I actually take it. No stomach upsets nor any ache over the liver area nor the GI tract.

Stefan Frank, Sweden


I don't know if you have tried the BodyGuard Supreme for heart conditions, but I have and, in about 1/2 the cases, it seems to negate a positive heart reflex.  I use the old Versendaal heart reflex to test the heart along with some AK mm's as a secondary, and BGS negates both. And of course, it's great for brain/pineal.

Bea Knight Johnson DC


I really like BodyGuard Supreme. It allows me to eat other foods besides vegetables and fruit without any allergic reactions. Please send ASAP because I can sell the extras to other people who can use this product.

Julie Scher


Bodyguard was a life saver. Effectively and quickly mediated all symptoms I was experiencing. A wide range of physical disturbances including vision problems, cranial stress and dizziness ended within a few hours of first capsule. What a wonderful outcome from so simple an herb.  

Michael Geer


I just wanted to let you know of my great experience with the herb Phyllanthus Fraternus.  I took my first capsule at 9:30 AM on a full stomach.  Within 15 minutes I  no longer had the tremor that I had been experiencing for 2 months.   I had become EMF sensitive through a newly acquired computer job and was looking for herbal  healing help.  It is 3 days later, I have taken 1 capsule a day and  continue to no longer have the tremor.  I have gained in energy and have a greater sense of well-being.  I am delighted with the results and  would recommend  that anyone  who  is  experiencing   EMF  symptoms  give  it  a try!!  Also, it may  work  as a preventive  for EMS - Electromagnetic Sensitivity.

Jean McDonnell


I have a patient who is a commercial airline pilot.  His main complaint was dry eyes while in the cockpit, as well as out on camping trips for the past 6 weeks.
He tested for electromagnetic interference as well as to cottonseed and grass seed.  Recommendation of Body Guard Supreme per day relieved ALL symptoms in 3 days!
Amazing how one product can have an effect on two very different types of sensitivities!

J.M., Scottsdale AZ


I have a patient that presented with constant severe ache in the superior trapezius muscles. She has had years of chiropractic treatment with minimal tempory help. Bio-response tesing showed an electromagnetic problem from a pacemaker that was reflexing to the trapezius. She tested for bodyguard supreme. The aching left almost immediately after she starting taking it

David Shores DC


We have been testing the Body Supreme on many patients who show up to EMF toxicity.  I often have used Pineal Plus (Thorne) but find the Body Supreme works differently and usually tests better.  Most patients say it has a calming effect on them.  We have ordered more. Thanks so much. 

Dave Ramaley, ND, DC