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Here at Supreme Nutrition we have 2 goals. One is to bring therapeutic herbs that are multi purposed to you that pass stringent standards of both certificate of analysis and clinical testing via applied kinesiology. These herbs are selected for either their antimicrobial, detoxification or organ restoration properties, etc. (many do more than one of these). Each new batch of raw materials must meet these standards and practitioners are given new test vials with each new batch.
Another goal is to bring more therapeutic foods that are nutrient dense and in most cases high in phytonutrients as well. We feel that nutrient dense foods unlike pharmaceutical grade isolated nutrients (which definitely have their role too) have their own synergism (within the individual plant) that man cannot duplicate. Thera Supreme was our first product of this type and is a great immune builder/life enhancer. Our newest product is a single food that we have known about for a long time but like many of our other products it took a while to find a source that passed our testing methods. This new product is Camu Supreme. Camu is a berry from a bush (Myrciaria dubia) that grows in the Amazon rainforest. What makes camu stand out is that it is the 2nd most concentrated source of vitamin C found in any fruit. It is also a significant source of antioxidants including anthocyanins, d-limonene, and catechin. Dr James Duke in his ethnobotanical database rates camu as being an effective antiviral, very useful for gingivitis and other periodontal disease, asthma, hepatitis, atherosclerosis, infertility, cataracts , migraine and cluster headaches , colds, osteoarthritis,depression, edema and Parkinson's disease. According to Sloan Kettering's' website, Camu decreases inflammatory and oxidative stress markers such as 8-hydroxy-deoxyguaosine, total reactive oxygen species, C reactive protein, IL-6, and IL-8 in smokers.
Besides vitamin C, camu contains natural beta-carotene, calcium, iron, niacin, phosphorus, riboflavin, thiamin and the amino acids valine, leucine and serine. Compared to oranges, camu on a weight for weight basis, supplies thirty times more vitamin C, and ten times as much iron. Some vitamin C content is lost after processing but not enough to make a significant difference. We will not be stating vitamin C content on the label as it can vary depending on many variables (time harvested, soil and climate conditions) but an average dose of 1 scoop will have anywhere in the range of 200mg-1000mg in synergy with all the accompanying components (this is the amount I read stated in various research articles, thus the wide range). It is hard to compare natural vitamin C in the complex of a whole food to isolated ascorbic acid but it appears you need much less when taking it as a whole food source and the exact milligrams is not as relevant as how it works as a complete food.
We decided not to encapsulate it since it is more of a food. A good maintenance dose is one scoop daily but for acute and chronic conditions that need higher amounts of vitamin C, bioflavinoids and antioxidants you can do 2-3 scoops daily. A good way to take it make a smoothie daily that contains some juice, frozen berries, 1 scoop of Thera Supreme and 1 scoop of Camu Supreme . Camu has a pleasant sour taste . If you want something simple you can just put a scoop in juice or yogurt and mix it in or just take it in water.
I test it on all patients and Camu tests positive on over 50% of them. Camu falls into the class of superfoods that can support your health.

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