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I routinely go to bed at 10PM daily and if I have to stay up later, I usually suffer from brain fog and headaches the following day. Recently due to unforseen events, I had to stay up 3 days in a row until approximately 2 AM. I took EndoSupreme during these days and felt fresh and energetic without any repercussions from lack of sleep.

M.L., Colorado


Ever since the death of my husband 3 years ago, I have suffered from physical and mental fatigue on a daily basis. I have been on EndoSupreme for 2 weeks at a dose of 3 capsules daily. This is the first time since my husbands death that I feel my phsical energy has returned to normal as has my mental stability. Results began the first day of taking it!

S.A, Colorado


I have suffered from chronic fatigue for many years further aggrevated by West Nile Virus 3 years ago. I have been on EndoSupreme for 3 weeks. I started at 2 caps a day for the first 2 weeks and am now taking 3 per day. Not only have I tolerated this product very well but I have also seen about a 25% increase in the amount of physical activity I can do daily, and my recovery time is much faster.

M.S., Colorado


I am a 60 year old massage therapist. A few years back I suffered a concussion and whiplash from falling off of a horse and have had brain fog and energy swings ever since. I have been on EndoSupreme for alittle over 3 weeks at a dose of 3 caps daily. I had an immediate change in my energy. I can now stay active all day, with no ups and downs. My energy feels balanced throughout the day and I sleep well at night. I wake up ready to go. I have had days where I feel like I am 25 years old again. Yeah

D.G., Colorado


I am a Bikkrum yoga instructor and personal trainier. I have been taking EndoSupreme (1 cap three times daily) for 3 weeks. I live a very active life of daily swimming, hiking and yoga. Summers are very challenging for me due to the extreme heat in the desert of SW Colorado and I usually have to cut down my activities (hiking, swimming) to have enough energy and stamina to teach yoga. Now since taking EndoSupreme- I can tolerate the heat much better. I have about a 30% increase in energy and stamina. The distance I can swim has increased 50% along with better performance (speed wise). It has also increased my sex drive and my moods are more positive as well as my ability to handle stress.

Alexi Yudin


It is has now been 3 weeks of taking 1 Endo Supreme capsule per day. I have always had a high energy level but after my 50th birthday it was beginning to decline. The first day I took 1 capsule of Endo Supreme in the morning and 1 at noon and had a bit of trouble sleeping so I had to cut back to 1 in the morning. The Endo Supreme leveled out my energy throughout the entire day. Other folks have even noticed that I have more energy and I would recommend it to all who need an energy boost.

C.L., Colorado


Thank you for turning me on to the Supreme Nutrition line, it has helped me and my patients immensely. I find that Morinda does what you say, where I was once using multiple products to clear  infection, Morinda often does the job on its own. For some reason there are a lot of people who test positive for weakened endocrine function in my neck of the woods, and Endo Supreme has become a product of choice for dealing with these cases, if Morinda doesn't do it first. I look forward to finding new uses for these and the rest of the Supreme nutrition line. Since I don't always know  the limit of their potential, they have become the most checked supplement against muscle testing in my office. I have to say that I would never practice without them again.

Matt Colman


I am a musician who is on the road four months a year.   Due to the rigors of my job, I get run down on a regular basis and have a tendency towards bronchitis and pneumonia.  Upon returning from the road I also suffer from jet lag for long periods of time and even when I am awake I cannot focus for more than 30-45 seconds at a time. 

On this last trip, after being diagnosed with pneumonia and having finished a 10 day course of antibiotics, I was still battling a persistent cough  and not getting  relief.  

Under the supervision of Dr. Michael Lebowitz I started taking Morinda Supreme, Endo Supreme and Thera Supreme.   The results quite frankly were astounding.  My cough has disappeared and I am feeling 100 percent better.  My sharpness and clarity of thought have been better than ever.  My jet lag was reduced and the time awake was as productive as I have ever been.    

Frankly, these three products got me back to feeling like my usual self and just in time as another road trip is about to begin.  

I highly recommend Morinda Supreme, Endo Supreme and Thera Supreme as does my wife and children who did not have to put up with a zombie husband and dad for the time that I was home!  Congratulations on a very effective and awesome product! 

Lenny Solomon
CEO, Keyboard Player, Lead Singer and Founder of the band Shlock Rock 


I had a recent case in my office of a patient that could not keep his eyes open at work after about 4 o'clock. After the addition of Endo Supreme to his protocol everything changed for him, we are both confident that it was the missing factor in helping him regain his afternoon energy.  I have seen many great uses for Endo Supreme, from back pain to changes in libido,  and to be honest was not surprised when he told me how great he felt on it, but was very happy to see the results nonetheless.

Matt Colman D.C.


Since entering college, I frequently woke up feeling dead tired, even after a full night's sleep. On many mornings, I had to force myself out of bed. Since I started taking Endo Supreme, this exhaustion has disappeared almost completely. I wake up feeling great and ready to go and stay that way throughout the entire day. I don't know what I'd do without it.

Josiah Lebowitz