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My neighbor went online yesterday and was so excited about what he read he bought a bottle of the LuRong.  He has been suffering for the past two months with 2 herniated disks and has not been able to stand up straight in months but has also not slept thru the night in months.  Last night after taking his first dose he slept thru and he was even a little straighter in standing today - is that really possible?  it happened !  wow

Wendy G.


I herniated my L4 / L5 discs back in the beginning of May. Since this time I have been doing physical therapy to treat my injury conservatively. While Physical Therapy was helping I was still having issues with inflammation and lower back stiffness. I have just completed my first bottle of Lu Rong Supreme and have noticed a difference in both the level of inflammation and my increased range of motion.

Dean Brown


Before I wrote anything I wanted to be sure I could give an accurate account of the benefit that I have been having since taking Lu Rong. I have been amazed at the results and more so at the speed at which I have experience those positive results. At the time i began taking it I just turned 55 and was feeling pain in my knees going up and down stairs, also after squatting or doing lunges at the gym, it was difficult to get up - within a few days I was no longer feeling those pains. The most dramatic thing for me seems to be my endurance which is something I have been having trouble with. I went out for what was suppose to be a leisurely walk and I found myself jogging comfortably and I don't even like to run or jog. I went for 4 miles, my knees didn't hurt and I didn't have any pain the next day at all. That was awesome especially now that I am training for a hike at the Grand Canyon in October for the Cancer Research Institute.
Thanks for sharing Lu Rong - I am telling everyone I meet as this continues to help people every day including athletes. Baseball players with tendonitis are seeing great results as well. Pitchers are recovering form games much easier.
I just gave some to a friend who had a car accident last year and has been suffering with back and neck pain. After two days she was not feeling that pain and needless to say was thrilled!!!!

W. Greenberg, CT


Since I started taking Lu Rong Supreme I have felt great.  I am 37 years old and I was beginning to feel my age until I started on Lu Rong Supreme.  The stuff has made me feel 25 again.  Still playing professional baseball I was looking for the edge to get back on top.  As a 2 time Olympian I feel now like I can play another 10 years.  Thanks!

Ryan Radmanovich

2 time Olympian pro baseball player.
The first 2 months of the season without Lu Rong Ryan batted .216 with a .291 OBP (on base percentage) and a .340 slugging percentage.
On Lu Rong for 2 months he has batted .277 with a .352 OBP and a .429 slugging percentage.


Hi this is Rick Asadoorian. I am a professional baseball pitcher.I have been taking Lu Rong Supreme for about a month. I have noticed a few changes while on it. Away from the playing field I've noticed a much greater sex drive along with improved sexual performance. On the field I've been dealing with biceps tendonitis and inflammation in my shoulder. I've gotten stronger and my ability to recover has been much better. Thank you.

Rick Asadoorian


I have been taking Lu Rong for 30 days now. Being an athlete anything that can help us through a long grueling season would be great. As the season comes to the end of the year I start to feel sluggish but with Lu Rong it has helped me sleep better, feel stronger, and I don't feel as stressed. I am glad I tried Lu Rong out and would recommend it to anyone who wants to have better days ahead of them

Brandon Sing
Professional Baseball Player


Three weeks after my 2nd surgery on my fractured ankle, I started to take Lu Rong. Immediately after beginning to use it, I started to feel better. After a couple of days of usage, I was pain free in my injured ankle. It really made a difference for me. In particular, it really improved my pain management.

Shuki Friedman, former IBL baseball player, Team USA baseball player and Israeli National team player