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The following is from the monthly newsletter of Dr. Michael Lebowitz, a leading applied kinesiologist, health researcher for almost 30 years, and one of the team of product developers.


Special Issue Spring 2006  (modified and updated)
Michael Lebowitz DC
2550 I Rd. Grand Junction, CO 81505

Dear Colleagues,

This is a special edition to our newsletter. I encourage you to read it carefully. As a health researcher I have come up with many techniques that are used widely throughout applied kinesiology and I hope my contributions have helped the health of many people and have been useful in many of your practices.

Morinda Supreme (Mid American Marketing 1-800-922-1744)
Over the years I have helped develop some nutritional products to address certain issues. One type of product I tried to develop but had been unsuccessful at was to create a product that would help prevent dysbiosis in patients. I have many patients, as I am sure you do, that we clear their fungus, parasites, bacteria, virus, borrelia, etc but due to a variety of circumstances not many months (or in some cases, days) go by before they are re-infected.
A few months ago I had to fly to Florida and help my parents set up an apartment they rented for the winter. Like many Florida rentals, this one was obviously moldy. Having to stay there for a week I knew I would have another fungal infection (I am prone to these whenever I have to stay in moldy areas). From Florida we flew to Kauai for our 25th wedding anniversary and visited friends who had moldy houses. I also spent a day pulling taro in a friend’s field. I had read about leptosporosis before the trip and wanted to be careful in fresh water environments. Upon arriving at the taro patch, my friend Mike told me his patch was “filled with many varieties of lepto”. I worked there anyway (he told me that he was immune as he had had it before) as he really needed the help.
To back up a little, I often visit health food stores and test any new products I see and if they test well on me I often buy them and try them. I lived in Hawaii back in the 1980’s and we used to joke about noni. It used to rot on the ground and stink! We used to joke that we should turn it into a supplement to clean the island up. Needless to say a few years later some people did just that. It became a MLM product. I tested many brands and virtually none strengthened my patients so I wrote it off as another fad that had lots of hype but little substance. On this trip I tested some dried noni fruit as well as fresh off the tree. To my great surprise, it strengthened me and I decided to eat some every day of the trip.
I came home dysbiosis free- no fungus (which I believe the noni resolved, no leptosporis, etc.) Since noni had never tested well before, I tried to figure out why. I believe there are a number of reasons:
  1) much of the noni (in juice form) on the market is greatly diluted with other fruit juices to mask the taste;
  2) most noni on the market has been put through a fermentation process that they feel enhances the product (I feel it does the opposite);
  3) most noni is either in pasteurized juice form or a capsule combining the leaves and fruit (I believe the raw powdered fruit without the leaves is the best form);
  4) some of the Hawaiian noni is grown downwind of Kilauea volcano and I believe this could contaminate it with toxic materials that are in the vog (volcanic fog). I believe this could possibly be true for some sources from the Big Island and Maui especially.
I found that the dried fruit either in powder or fruit leather form (unfermented,raw, organic) had tremendous properties but other forms of noni appeared much less effective. The fruit leather proved to be very expensive and the amount you had to take made it fairly cost prohibitive.
On returning home I was able to find a bulk wholesaler who imports noni (Morinda citrifolia) from Samoa and bought a few kilograms to experiment with. For the next 3 weeks on every patient that came into my office that tested positive for dysbiosis (in other words they weakened on one of the composite test kit vials from AK Test Kits (1-888-323-0625), I checked to see if morinda would block the positive tests. These vials included the composites for bacteria, fungus, virus, parasites, rickettsia, protozoa, chlamydia plus the single vials for helicobacter and borrelia. Over this 3 week time span the Morinda citrifolia (noni) powder negated all positive vials except one borrelia test regardless of which category of microbe we found (at this point we find it blocks about 85% of our dysbiosis tests). To be honest I was astounded. I didn’t have enough morinda to dispense so I took my 6 worst patients and told them I was using them for an experiment. Their instructions were to take no other anti-dysbiosis products during the time period they were on the morinda (noni).
Here were the results:
  1) One extremely sensitive young male patient of mine who rarely goes more than a day or two dysbiosis free (my toughest patient perhaps) went three weeks dysbiosis free despite working in a moldy office. When he first came in at the start of the study he tested positive for parasites, protozoa fungus and bacteria. At a dose equivalent to 3 scoops of morinda daily (or 9 capsules) he tested clear in one week's time and has remained that way as long as he stays on 3 scoops daily (this is higher than the typical maintenance dose we recommend of 1-2 scoops daily but his immune system is suppressed enough that this is the optimal dose for him)
  2) A colleague of mine who is very dysbiosis prone and has parasite infested water at her home also has remained dysbiosis free for a much longer period then is typical for her. She is the one that the morinda did not block the borrelia vial test. We found that besides clearing the 2 varieties of parasites on testing, it also cleared the borrelia despite the negative test at first.
  3) My son, Noah is very prone to colds and flu despite a very healthy life style. We have always attributed it to a black widow spider bite he had as an infant that severely challenged his immune system. He was coming down with one of his typical bad colds when we gave him 3 scoops of morinda over one day’s time and the next day he was asymptomatic. This has never happened with him before. This has not worked with everyone. Other patients on morinda have developed colds but it appears to help a percentage of folks.
  4) A patient with RA who also is a chronic dysbiosis patient has remained dysbiosis free since being on morinda.
  5) A patient who has never been in great shape since a bad case of West Nile Virus has remained dysbiosis free for the first time in years. She has even gone on a few trips and remained fungus free which is a new experience for her.
  6) I have been dysbiosis free for 18 which is unheard of for me. Then there’s the fact that I have not had a cold this winter which is unusual for me.
At this point in my research I realized that we needed someone to make this product available in this form available to physicians. I was hesitant at first because so many people have heard of noni and to tell people that “this noni is better” might sound a little lame but the fact is, in my opinion it tests and performs better than any anti-microbial I have seen.

 I have used it to treat multiple forms of dysbiosis simultaneously (using only noni instead of selling the patient 3-4 different products). I have also used it to prevent dysbiosis. This can be especially useful in patients who travel internationally or eat out often. I have seen it “clear” fungus, bacteria, parasites, virus, etc quicker than most other products. I have had patients take it while they are on prescription anti-biotics and they avoid getting a yeast infection which is typical for them. It often prevents major food borne illness if taken during traveling (or decreases their duration and severity).

Will it act as a 100% preventative? No, but it has worked exceptionally well in many patients.
Will it “kill” all dysbiosis? No, but it will go far in reaching that goal and I have found it more effective than any one product I have used since I started teaching about dysbiosis in the late 1980’s. It is more broad in spectrum than any other product I have tried.

My friends at Mid American Marketing are making it available. It comes in 100 gram containers, which comes to approx. 42 doses. As a preventative I have been using 1-2 scoops daily as a therapeutic FOOD (2 scoops in patients that are more prone to dysbiosis). As a treatment for existing problems I have been using 1 scoop 3x/day (depending on patient size and severity of condition). A small minority of patients will get gastro-intestinal distress when taking Morinda. This may be due to die-off. In these cases we decrease the dose to 1/4th scoop (1/4th teaspoon) twice daily and if that dose is tolerated we slowly build back up after a few days. It should also be noted that being a fruit, in some patients it is better to take it in water or juice AWAY from meals on an empty stomach (on awakening and at bed). It is a powerful anti-microbial that can accomplish much even at a lesser dose. Some people stay on it indefinitely (with a weeks vacation off of it every month or two). Others after the initial clearing of dysbiosis only take it when they have been exposed to a microbe or feel that something might be coming back. In capsule form for therapy I use 3 caps, 3x/day and as a preventative/maintenance 3 caps once daily.

I intend to keep taking it daily as a preventative for an indefinite period. I mix it in my smoothie for breakfast and it completely masks the taste for me. I use milk or soy milk, coconut oil (from Mid American marketing), a banana and sometimes some other fruit. Some of my “braver” patients take it in water. It isn’t that bad in water but it isn’t great by any means. In grape juice it isn’t bad either. Most people though prefer the capsules.
I know I have been involved in making this product but I can say with total honesty and integrity that in my opinion it is the best new product I have seen in many years.
It is called Morinda Supreme to decrease the stigma that might be attached to noni since noni was an MLM fad, but again this product cannot be compared to most other nonis that have been or are available. In addition, the cost is actually less expensive than the others.
Research on noni has shown it has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties. It also has been used throughout Polynesia as an anti-parasitic. It has been shown to enhance the wbc’s ability to engulf invading organisms and also has Cox2 inhibiting properties.
If I go into all the reported conditions it helps, I would sound like a snake oil salesman. I encourage you all to try it and I feel assured that before long you will be using it on yourselves and your patients as I do. Also click on the research link to see more. I have my whole family on it.
As I was writing this I received a phone call from a patient saying “Your morinda supreme helped our daughter so much we all want to take it” Talk about timing! I asked her to send me an email and this is what she wrote

“For about three months, our five year old daughter, Alexandra, had been experiencing stomach discomfort after eating. Plain vegetables, rice, and in the end, even water seemed to disturb her intestines. Her energy dissipated and she began to dread meal-times. Desperate for relief for our daughter, we brought her to see Dr. Lebowitz. Within moments, Dr. Lebowitz was able to diagnose the source of the discomfort as a wheat allergy accompanied by a bacteria and a parasite. Morinda Supreme powder was recommended for treatment. Within days, Alexandra was able to eat normally. Her appetite returned and the dark circles that had begun to dominate her bright face disappeared within a week. Once again, thanks to Dr. Lebowitz and the Morinda Supreme powder, our vibrant young daughter is once again singing and dancing around our home.”

Feel free as always to share your results with me and to call or email with any questions you may have. It can be ordered by phone at 1-800-922-1744. You may see color differences (or taste) in different batches of our Morinda. We test each batch and have to reject many due to our kinesiological findings. Rest assured that each batch has been thoroughly tested in each fashion. Occasionally we have to change growers to keep up the highest quality