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Just to give you some info on the individual ingredients (really just the tip of the iceberg if you Google each nutrient individually and look up the reputable references):

Bilberry- high in anthocyanin pigments, reportedly helpful for night vision, macular degeneration and some heart conditions and other vascular disorders.

Blueberry- recent studies suggest blueberries may be useful in reducing cancer risk, slowing the cognitive decline in Alzheimers, controlling blood pressure and prevention of urinary tract infections. It can also be a good source of vitamin K as well as manganese.

Elderberry- another rich source of anti-oxidants and various phytonutrients - it has been shown to have anti-viral activity especially against certain strains of influenza. A good source of carotenoids and other nutrients

Pomegranate- potent anti-oxidant with significant amounts of vitamins A, C, E, and folic acid

Asparagus-supplies vitamins A,C,E, iodine, folic acid. Traditionally it has been used to strengthen the genito-urinary system and more recently has been used to help in people with various forms of cancer.

Black radish-one of the greatest detoxifiers and an activator of liver detoxification enzymes

Coriander/Cilantro -contains an antioxidant that helps prevent animal fats from turning rancid. Mildly anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and used by some to chelate mercury and other heavy metals.