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I wanted to give you some feedback on the new product, Oral Supreme. I have had two great successes with it. The first case was a woman who seemed to have advanced pneumonia and couldn't shake it for months. She had been to numerous MD's and been on round after round of antibiotics. I tested her and she seemed to have a mold infection that was bringing her down. She tested to need both Morinda and Melia as well as some drainage support for her massive coughing and phlegm production. Her progress was very slow. During my first 2 weeks of caring for her I got my first 3 bottles of Oral Supreme. She tested to need it as well, and I put her on it. I was seeing her every other day due to the crisis she was in. She reported that she started feeling much better with her overall energy and decreasing cough within 30 minutes of the first dose of Oral Supreme. She said she never wants to be without it because it makes her feel so good. Since then we have gotten her over the massive mold/fungal infection and we are working on detoxing metals, but I think the Oral Supreme greatly speeded up her recovery.

The second story is somewhat similar, a woman in her 30's with a stubborn fungal infection was having a hard time shaking the infection. She returned for her second visit with me and at that time I had received the Oral Supreme. She tested to need it and I gave her a bottle. She had said that although she was doing the anti-yeast diet and taking Melia she felt no better. On her 3rd visit with me she said she was feeling great and like the other patient said she felt better within 15 minutes of taking the Oral Supreme. I think it is interesting how quickly patients feel better who really need it. Thanks for a great product for the difficult patient with infections.

Lewis Cone DC


I began using Oral Supreme by putting a couple of drops on my finger, as recommended, and rubbing it over teeth and gums. I noticed that the bridge work I have in the front of my mouth was starting to whiten so I switched to putting a couple of drops of Oral Supreme on my toothbrush instead of my finger and brushed as usual. Not only did the bridge work turn back to it's original white but my teeth have that “just cleaned” feeling you have after going to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned.



My patient has recurring teeth problems and just general above the clavicale problems with recurrent infection, like acne and sinusitis, boils, gum issues, tooth aches,  etc.   I have tried everything over the years to eliminate the  recurring infections but she always seems to have some level of infection.  When Oral Supreme came out, she tested positive for it and was the first patient I gave it to. .  She reported on her follow-up visit (one month later) after she took the Oral Supreme home that she had a pretty big detox for about a week after she  first used it:  Fatigue, breakouts on her neck and fleeting achiness in her teeth.  She is impressed as it appears that her chronic neck acne has lessened and I am happy to have this product in my arsenal. Thanks.



Thought I'd share a little patient success today - this 72yr old woman I have seen for years and helped tremendously with many problems said to me today, "I can't thank you enough for giving me that Oral Supreme last month - my receding gumline has stopped and they've already turned pink! And I had this black spot on my tooth forever that is almost gone." Pretty amazing.

Stephen Gangemi DC Chapel Hill NC


Thanks for the products you have made available. My favorite product is Oral Supreme. My teeth have been my biggest health problem and no matter how much I brushed or flossed, when I 
would go to the dentist for a cleaning, my teeth would bleed. He would give me the lecture about brushing and flossing and I would say, "you don't have a patient that brushes or flosses more than I do." He would say, "well, if you did it well enough, your teeth would not bleed." At my last cleaning, I had been using Oral Supreme for a few months. He cleaned my teeth and never mentioned one word about my brushing and flossing being inadequate. That was a first! And, my gums did not bleed. Please, don't run out of Oral Supreme!! 

Elva Edwards DC